after nearly five years off the radar and not at all writing any part of the blog, we are now back and with new aspirations and updates on zlgdesign’s philosophical trails. we have been quietly working on redrafting and editing our approach to biophilic design principles and also embracing more of the critical agenda befalling all of our design and urban realm. to this end we have started to work on smaller and more meaningful projects as opposed to massive commercial mixed development that take architecture nowhere. inevitably this means getting stronger and focussing on the stuff that really matters to us as architects, or designers.

although practice is close to our hearts we saw how we needed a firm theoretical way to develop the best model for finance and propriety. the balance is always what we strive ti have, of having enough to build but also enough to chew on intellectually. we have been fortunate in the sense, to have acquired a very good network of engineers who uphold similar fundamentals.

over here in the photographs we see two men casting a trowelled floor using the hard resin red admixture and binder and a flat slab technique for the boh visitor centre phase 2 extension. the cameron highlands visitor centre reopened their new wing after 15 months of renovation.

in time of writing this blog zlg has since participated also in lectures and discourse on energy and carbon emission and the awakening to the new issues surrounding global warming.


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