Many a time a project never gets built. But not all is lost. Each time something great like this idea, gets thrown out the window, another idea is born, a new lesson learnt, an alternative solution or method is discovered, something more profound is encountered, as it happens, we reinvent, we try even harder. We are accustomed to the fact that not all of what we hope to design ever gets built, but we are certain to get every idea across, at least to a stage we can prove a concept or execute it. That’s enough for a studio that thrives on invention and imagination alone. Here is a scheme we thought was a great idea. The structure has two different realms meeting in the centre, and the space captured in the middle shares the qualities of two very distinctly different worlds, something interstitial and born out of being a room that is both internal and external at once, naturally ventilated and enjoying vast daylight penetration.

Huat Lim. 2012

20121119-015128 AM.jpg

20121119-015137 AM.jpg

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