we are a strategic architecture design company set up in 1992. we evolved a process and a project methodology which we use to develop all design briefs and our projects. we emphasise a people oriented philosophy. the firm is led by huat lim and susanne zeidler whom together have over 30 years of professional work experience. Previously Huat Lim worked for Sir Norman Foster (six years) and Zaha Hadid and also Sir Peter Cook (teaching at the Bartlett in London) and the late Ron Herron of Imagination Limited, he was based in london and france. zlgdesign’s major buildings as Boh Visitor Centre, point92 and AvenueK and also KWC textile centre has won worldwide acclaim including the prestigious German Icon Award 2014 and the Italian Barbara Cappochin International Award 2005. huat was design architect for the national library of Singapore Competition Building, whose original concepts and sketches were conceived by Huat Lim together with his employer at the time Dr. Ken Yeang whose office produced the winning concept and schematic design collaboration. In china zlg built one very distinctive building in collaboration with Mr. Kengo Kuma, this building was in Shanghai known as 58 pang yu road. The company has been restructured by both directors, purpose built for a flatter management philosophy to take place, managed in a way that would empower younger generation srchitects to earn managerial positions. the company strive over the last twenty years to develop administrative and systematic work protocols and intelligence that differentiate a distinctive architecural style and approach.

Team experience and capability
ZLG recent resource have included six senior managers from Spain, Portugal and France. The key technical managers have professional experience, one ex BEP and one ex Studio 505. Project architects have worked and delivered at least two buildings under our administration, and we have now completed point92, kenanga retail centre and avenue K shopping mall. We have also developed master plan for putrajaya and the core island and prepared technical submissions for housing schemes in Vietnam and Guangzhou etc. Our staff have been groomed to lead proficiently in all technical aspects of architecture and we send our resources to training and managerial courses continuously for career development. Over the last twenty five years or so they have acquired vast knowledge in terms of policies and philosophy and well direct hand down knowledge from the directors.

Design philosophy and sustainability approach
ZLG ethos is one of keeping all their design and implementation procedures in line with international standards. Currently we privde training and lectures in the courtyard of d7 where we invited in event programs and have installed artists and world experts to share their expertise in landscape, fine arts and building technology. We do not emulate or copy and therefore each process is unique and specific to the brief and often the project team evolve the scheme through questioning the brief and directing the project toward a more refined and sophisticated solution. We procure sustainability considerations at the earliest stages of each project so that a GBI consultant can be engaged at the onset.

Design methodology and approach
our core values are shared with the clients we work with. In the process we develop very strategic documentation protocol that are multi faceted, they generate framework and information for costing and evaluation for design feasibility and also structural analysis all concurrently and in parallel with client discourse, in the early design stages and process we can arrive at effective and economical solutions very quickly without going through a typically slower and more linear process. This methodology is embedded inside our philosophy and we ensure all new staff are made aware of the technical aspects of our design approach and principles, they receive this data and inference in advance and that they know that design compliance to statutory regulations and so forth are already considered even at the very beginning of the project. We have developed templates and formatted all our drawing procedures and protocols which in turn are well documented and professionally archived.

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