zlgdesign was set up some 20 years ago by two architect both trained in London under the banner of zeidlerlim design. Susanne Zeidler had worked and studied under sir Peter Cook in London and Frankfurt, and later at the Bartlett, London, whereas Huat Lim trained at the Architectural Association London, and then went on to work at foster and partners in the UK (at the time the chelsea reach offices had not yet been built) in 1984 and for foster france at the time, in Nimes, south of France. They are partners, and employ between 20-25 designers and internationally experienced architects. zlgdesign has won many awards, amongst them the prestigious 2006 Malaysian PAM Award for best public building (for their Boh visitor centre project in Cameron Highlands) after Lord Foster’s Petronas University. zlgdesign has a philosophy of work that is largely based on research, examination, critique and exploration of cutting edge issues, among the current pursuits are sustainability and energy concerns. These have become deeply rooted in their work. All projects begin with thoughtful research and development of unique and exclusive concepts without compromising the quality of the execution, meaning there is commitment in putting adequate resources to each project undertaken, no matter how small the budget. Documentation has also become a big part of what zlgdesign work culture, and has over the years become almost a customary procedure, as they pride themselves in executing these most expeditiously and with great passion.

The firm turns to very specific building technology and materials for low energy design solutions, the challenge park project and the BOH Visitor Centre are both testimony to this pursuit and philosophy. On other occasions, they turn to tradition, as exemplified in the most recent work for the Duyong restaurant. zlgdesign work horizontally across the office, under the art direction of Susanne ZEIDLER and Huat LIM, encouraging people to get their hands on all aspects of the projects from the inception of ideas to the final execution, management and delivery of the concept. Huat and Susanne are assisted by Kamen Lee who deals with Client inquiries, building contracts and public relations. Catherine Soo looks after the finance matters of the company and together with business development manager Kamen Lee, are able to advise clients on fees and scope of work and services. Staff strength varies but there’s a grouping system that has been developed to structure concept and design development and site or contract administration, we call this style of administration the pink, blue and green zonal structure. It is our unique brand and protocol for implementing projects. Amongst those who worked in pink zones, we have concept development, compliance managers and feasibility group study. In the blue zones we engage technicality minded staff, documentation architects and CAD specialists. In the blue zone, senior partners and managers partake of site administration, and project execution from the site possession to building completion.