zlgdesign have seen numerous publications and press release of their work, the most recent being in Financial Times [UK] for the Tecnopod [January 2007] and Calvin Virtual Forest Bathroom [December 2006], brought about through our links to TrendHunter. zlgdesign have also been featured in UK Architectural Review [2006] for the BOH Visitor Centre. There is currently plan for a full-feature book on zlgdesign profile and built work, this is very mich in early stages of design and conceptualization. It is destined to materialise sometime in 2013, we hope to keep you posted on this. Alternatively we will also publish our thoughts and manifesto alongside other blogs please refer to zlgevents.wordpress.com and also look up for our design discussions and insightful references at designmatters.wordpress.com.

We have also started to set up two websites for our major work: challengepark and avenueK. Our most recent work Duyong has now got its own little site and it will soon be developed to include drawings and sketches.

A very detailed write-up on the tecnopod and its applications can be read on Architecture Week’s link here.


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