Boh Visitor Centre extraordinary landscape [location: Cameron Highlands] and siting has made it a welcome sight for all visitors to this unusual tea estate setting. Most awesome is the longitudinal elevation, its cantilevered balcony and the pleasant ambiance of a naturally ventilated building, with internal courtyards and terraces that serve to provide a wonderful way to absorb the pristine views of this hill estate of Sungei Palas in Cameron Highlands.



4 thoughts on “boh visitor centre [4]

  1. boh visitor centre has just recently been awarded the 2007 Biennale Barbara Cappochin Award for their detailed and constructional elements. Situated amidst tea plantations over 60 years of age this building now attracts over 3 million tourists a year after its scheduled opening.


  2. True but also not so true. I appreciate the observation. In truth Caroline Russell and her team showed such care and attention and they must have spent a great deal of time and effort on it for maintenance, this is for sure a show of great deal of effort in preserving what is obviously to be a national treasure, we are indebted to her philosophy which is fundamental to the conception of the project in the very beginning. Truly a great wonderful opportunity, thank you BOH.

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