After long deliberations on the current trends that has flooded the hospitality and recreation market with so-called Balinese styled chalets, zlgdesign opted to search for that new direction which give better edge to design through research in better comfort and external awareness concepts. The emphasis returns to the importance of the interior and its connectivity to outside elements of the place, and not the external envelope, which remains to be examined in new light of modern materials. This slightly more aggressive architecture lends the project a new aesthetic not yet seen in luxury chalet designs for the tropics.

There are many built forms which conform to chalet prototypes, amongst others the balinese concept, the modern tropical, the zen buddhism style etc, and various corresponding style and typology but we decide in this project to move away from any preconceived ideas, and to develop a model that would not only challenge these perceptions but to take the concept to a new yet unseen level which is both architecturally more sound and appealing.