Not too log ago, I remembered the occasion of how one man told me he was taking the day off, to “reflect”, it seems. This angered his employer who expected him to sit in the meeting and not go running around looking at things. Now I thought this was most illuminating, because we architects do that all the time, “running around” to reflect and contemplate on our work, a necessary part of our research or discourse. But our angry Clients expect that we must always be ‘doing’ something for their money, as otherwise our hours in contemplation cannot be remunerated? Isn’t it necessary that we pause and venture deeply into recesses of our minds in order to derive solutions or make considered propositions?

“I will now spend a bit of the time sitting in to organising the engagement of my work, but the rest of the time I shall be reflecting on what I’ve done, or need to do, and I ought be paid doing just that “, Huat LIM says. Getting paid while we go away to think about things is surely not unlawful, but it would certainly be if we didn’t get paid because of this “contemplation” time, or because we simply took time off to pause to reflect.

Supposedly our reduced fees places limits on our time accorded to our projects, as if to cut back on time we take off to contemplate and reflect on our work.


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