Our illustrious and diligent Barnum Brown [there is already now an Imax film depicting his adventures and findings, most famously, the bones of T-Rex in 1902] collects ancient million year-old bones [–and some are very tiny] and he puts them together with the great passion of an artist, the unwavering patience of a monk and with the meticulous precision of an engineer to reconstruct his incredible paleontological find. Architects on the other hand, indeed often frown upon failing to locate his 2-day old document, much to the dismay of his paying client, let alone his loyal consultants. A bit of this bone collector discipline and industry should go a long way to make us more of a Barnum Brown, and we architects should really take our hats off to the that gentleman for his method.

To dinosaur lovers, Brown’s greatest achievement was likely his discovery of Tyrannosaurus Rex, “King of the tyrant lizards” in Hell Creek, Montana. He discovered the first skeleton in 1902, and found a better-preserved skeleton in 1908. Both skeletons were put on display in the American Museum.

[image courtesy of american natural history @ paleo.amnh.org]



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