in today’s pandemic age and the era of the virtual and attention economy, it has become more urgent and more pertinent for us to go into publishing what has been a lot of drawings strewn everywhere in the office and also writing and lectures that needed to be archived and restored for the press. zeidlerlim.com and zeidler&lim publishing has a book out shortly and this will be something solid and academic. not so much about design or architects but of the way we work. from jackson pollock to jean tinguely we have observed and encapsulated in a book, the essence of creativity – that which is often an automatic process – drop painting and the cybernetics of the machine sculpture object. first issued for the aa london, now edited by gareth richards, we hope the book will start a series of serious readings and perhaps open up more dialogues on the subject of automation and machine learning which is now prevalent but which is not often discussed together with automatism, a movement which is more than a style but a process which seemed to have been left behind research. zeidlerlim.wordpress.com

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