after the lantern hotel was completed earlier in 2015 the office embarked and reignited and returned to a 20 year old site in kuala lumpur, a smallish project in which the hotel operator laid down the number of rooms, and the location of the pool, after reviewing the building plans. over the last five years, we have had to make nearly seven revisions to the building plans, some of the changes are in fact enhancements to the design, for instance in making the rooms larger than 27 sqm. the final version, copied to the land owner (also the developer) and the hotel has a development order with a plot ratio of about 1: 7.9. this design was originally named the grass hotel reflecting the visually striking green wall that rose several floors to house the statutory number of car parks. the tower comprises two 2.5 tonnes lifts for mechanical parking, providing a total of over 80 bays. the current details have eight rooms per floor, and a open swimming pool on the top of the roof, however the design currently submitted will retain the facade as a simple masonry fenestration with the cafe still in the middle floors. the number of keys have been added to satisfy the clients brief which is 185 keys. hotel is located right along the same street leading to the petronas twin towers and opposite the current shangrila hotel along sultan ismail, a busy hotel street itself. the access is excellent either by rail transit or vide a traffic route that takes you directly to all the key commercial areas such as the famous bukit bintang district. estimated construction time to finish this project is 30 months from october this year 2015.



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