the more recent images of phoebe and terence ong house show the articulation of the pool and surrounding elements, whose design and location was intended to engage the garden more intimately than if we had left it in the original location which was at the level and part of the living room. that decision would have placed it two floors higher up, elevated and somewhat distracting from the use of the lush lower garden which has in essence now become an essential and critical part of the experience of the house. the spiral staircase which overlooks the library hall now has a direct visual connection to the lower garden as well, seeing into poolside amd gazebo areas, and also borrowing a lot of daylight which comes from the late afternoon sun. the double storey elevation to the library also means a specially large curtain has to be ordered to provide the required privacy and solar protection. the hardwood natural colour of the timber finishes and complementary black steelwork gives the warm character to the residence. carefully articulated junctions and designs of the railing and associated detail, and the passerelle and the metal bridges add to overall the charm and sophistication of this family room.



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