probably the only project in which we preserve the least of any of its history, wangsa ukay will be the next work in progress (wip). underlying ken yeangs structure was a miss mash of incomprehensible spaces, all loosely tied together and seemingly suffocating and overwhelmed by a sort of spatial entanglement, on one hand there were twisting of stairs, on the other, overlapping pathways and unnecessary compression of rooms, small enough and not enjoying ceiling heights and the cutting out of too much daylight. columns mock the very floors that they carry, and some are so skinny they look like they might buckle under the weight, some looked like they could easily be made thinner using another material. so over the many years, coming close to thirty now, after we named it the plywood house,  we finally decided to take it all out and preserve what is probably only the party walls and the sloped roof. and even then we are deciding to taking out the cladding, and replace the tiles with onduline acrylic sheets. what is left of the roof structure are now only the wooden rafters and beams and the soffits what used to be cement boards for the ceiling. we are taking those out as well. so wangsa ukay will be about light, space and air. things and ideas what we talked about in school but we didnt embrace when we build and so much what we wont want to embrace when we get to the end line. a breadth of air, light and architecture, at last.



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