Just a little update here that on the 7.11.2014 at the One World hotel event, point92 MENARA OBYU has regained a new title, winner of Fiabci Malaysia office category award. Weeks ago the project coveted the prized building best of the best of the same category, aptly called the German iconic awards issued from the German design council office 2014. And recently we revived the GBI green award and sustained an additional 5 merit points for energy conservation and thereto returning invaluable tax incentives to the building owner. Braun publishing will be interested to publish this building very soon under the category of concrete buildings and we hope it will sit amongst the best office buildings in the world and we can share the specifics of the insitu white Lafarge concrete wall with all architects. Inevitably some maintenance is required to render the facade as moisture proof surface and long lasting finishing but to date we can see only minor blemishes which water jets can deal with. The facade remains generally quite white still, and we are now in the third year of its completion and hope to learn more about the chemical and atmospheric behaviour of this new insitu concrete material under the extreme heat conditions and solar radiation of malaysia, intermittently with exposure to moisture and rainwater throughout most of the year.


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