The myriad changes to the town plan by far is a tremendous damage to the seafront, the urbane fabric and colonial architecture, much of which has seen renovations which do not entirely reflect the character or scale of the original. The land reclamation projects allow for high density development in the less critical regions, fronting Palau Melaka. An opportunity is presented here to reintroduce high street styled shopping, and elevated parks and gardens and ample parking. Water taxis and Marina facilities can bring about the modernity that all clients wish for, except we add stratified hospitality and residential towers atop green rooftops. The transition will take several years, great master plans allow for investments to be managed effectively and market to drive the economy whilst faithfully preserving the urban design guidelines (UDG). In drafting the protocols we have emphasised three fundamentals, open space and public realms, infrastructure for bicycles and walkways, and a water taxi system to support marine activities and facility along the water edge. 20-30 storey urban blocks sitting atop a podium offers tower residents and hotel guests walkable space and clusters of public realm uninterrupted by traffic. Long views through 27 m gaps promises a massing strategy that does not belittle or compromise porosity that is often lost in large mixed developments such as TWC. Firebreaks of 9 m widths allows for demarcation and phasing of each precinct and parcel, each warranting an identifiable ground plan and facade design. These hollowed streets allow for cross ventilation and orientation toward the ocean (straits) fronting the man made islands. Access from old town and heritage districts of malacca is picked up by a long avenue and tree lined boulevards on the north edge. Ingress into the podiums is easily managed by introducing one way vehicular traffic into the elevated car parks, all naturally ventilated. The largest component of the new town plan is hospitality and recreation. Residential towers and offices are captured in between hotels to enable a balanced distribution of facilities and public spaces, some shared and others assigned directly to profit and benefit private owners. TradeWind City was developed with the view that many towers can be built to nearly any height and density without compromising the street experience. The raised podium which has an elevated park and ground to serve the lobbies to each high rise precinct emulate the earlier park and sea front beaches of old malacca. The introduction of a breezeway at this level will promote visibility along the east west direction, encouraging pedestrian to walk across the many vistas and squares offered at the base of each residence, hotel and commercial block. Marina and public square are elements which demarcate locality and identity to each parcel and precinct. To each we develop value and address and orientation. To each will be a unique experience lending the property to investments from banking to fine arts and culture. TradeWind City will not reduce porosity of the old town to the new island development to the south of the site. We envisage a lot of traffic which will arrive at the north edge but they are arrested at least two streets away from the Marina edges. In essence the city will also reflect on the scale and pattern of the existing town, the proportions and the scale, and the rhythm. Further up the towers remain expressive, always different depending on choices of materiality and always able to reflect investors brand or objective and program.





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