Project point92 is significant in aspects of reducing impact and relative mass in the surrounding area. Unfortunately many neighbouring buildings already do not yet embrace this gesture, that is of lowering their mass and density to the already very dense and congested neighbourhood of this precinct. Point92 saw a solution to this, by lowering and embedding all of the car park floors which took the entire footprint of the site, and the basements were designed to go below the eye level at the approach side of the project. In engaging this, we also significantly eliminated the need for a basement smoke spill system, a major contribution to energy profile of the scheme. By application of natural sciences and technology we provide for daylight penetration concept, regard for the prevalent wind direction, and introduced convective cooling principles to help maintain the lowest possible energy demand levels for the project, as required to achieve standard internal comfort levels of a work place of this class. In planting more than 500 trees on the site, we are able to reduce ambient temperature by at least 2 degrees on hot days. The Facade Orientation and constitution of the building also suggests we have built in an awareness toward using reasonably meaningful technology and techniques apt for the area and corresponding to the client brief, we strive to eliminate any need whatsoever to go for any imported material, or manufactured resources, such labour and expertise as is readily available. The entire facade of white concrete was indeed manufactured in malaysia, delivered and installed in situ using large 7m long metal forms which were specifically fabricated, designed and manifest by local formwork contractors. Window apertures were kept small to maintain opening sizes which do not prohibit the use of high spec double glazed glazing systems which promises better performance overall for the energy insulation of the interior. In reducing this to 42% we are able to utilise the original provisional costs allowed for glazing without distress to the overall facade budget. This is also a first time a major speculative building for offices has utilised a concrete facade for the entire external envelope, and in terms of phenomenology, the very first building to give back open space and public realm, reducing social ills related to workplaces in high density areas, and in complementing public buildings as a whole. There is also more external awareness, a sense of arrival demarcated at the ramps, a sense of place associated with unique facade design and good orientation by way finding strategy by means of reading architecture elements instead or myriad signages and not relying on unnecessary building signs and an overall good sense of connectivity to nature in introducing the open breezeway, and mostly a sense of landscape at levels 7 and 9, and ability to purge the open plan offices at will by opening any of the Malaysian styled lanai windows placed on the elevations. Also the building sits atop a cliff which is then masked by the six levels of car park which are now naturally decorated with vast quantity of vertical planting, a simple, yet low energy sustainable design decision and a key feature to the project, needing little or nearly no maintenance from the owners, but befitting the practicality of a car park podium which looks good from the outside, and yet feels great from the inside because of ample daylight penetration and no need for ACMV or elaborate and massive smoke spill system. The facade also resolves the limitations of using a homogenous material such as concrete, without having to look for precast technology which would have costed a lot more. The natural finish also does not need any painting or additional coating as it is inherent in the materials itself. The metal forms which were used to fabricate the wall openings made it possible to have many as seven different openings thereby reducing the negative stigma associated with standard openings used and seen in most office buildings of this category.







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