I’ve decided to post some records and historical or journalistic writing into a weblog zlgstory to benefit the design community whom are more interested to follow our psyche and ethos and philosophical development instead of merely following the projects development alone. In order to piece together all the formative elements that make up our ethos and philosophy it has become necessary for me to trace as much as I can and to chart the story of zlg from the very beginning and very gradually map some of key events and encounters with individuals. Understandably some of the incidents are as recent as last week whereas others go as far back as childhood and early university years. Our architectural propositions always comes from within and we wished that every client can allow us this opportunity and approach, not by inference to what we already know but what we have aspired to create through intense dialogue and discourse and goodwill. In confronting the challenges of a design firm that has to remain relevant and commercially viable we have adopted the philosophical route and embrace sustainability and sustenance and durability being some of the values we need to preserve throughout each encounter and appointment. In documenting the events and the discourse over the period between school and career, we hope that we can make sense of what we strive to do both in terms of a community or a social act, as well as a personal contribution to the architecture community at large seen from my window or perspective. In the days of earlier education where the meeting of minds take place in various institutions and learning centres, and the willingness and enthusiasm to examine every aspect of design, we have developed the primer for an even deeper investigation. With the advent of our appointment as professional architects, we test the reality of our dreams and aspirations. To enable the development of a solid theoretical work to accompany our projects, we engage like minded people to put together a book, this is from where the zlgstory weblog begins to take it’s shape.
: copyright 2014. Huat Lim.





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