Mixed development has it’s challenges. Commercially driven, high density, new urbanism, high costs of infrastructure and unnecessarily cumbersome marketing input and worst, mundane objectives and trivial agenda and software. Lengthy planning applications and procedures add to the dilemma of the architects but never to delight of the town planner or the mayor, in fact for briswood, we see even a probable approval for plot ratio of five in an area already proven quite inaccessible from the city centre. Yet we want to prove otherwise, as this development of seven acres should be exciting because nearly all of the five towers are elevated from ground at a least 8 meters. More so we add and introduce art and culture on the ground level. We would very much like our clients to engage artists and events management company to organise activities and cultural performance in the 7 acre wide open plaza. We also eliminate what would normally be four floors of basements for car park. All face materials given the usually and expected low budgets, will be granolithic or terracotta and plaster and natural clear paint, for all the five buildings which are nearly all identical. It is also intended that we make all of the facade of one principal material. The plaza is the key design feature, and indeed take precedence over the facades, as such we will ensure a lot of planting and water elements are provided here.






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