Our living room idea took off with a revised table top design and introduction of a raw food concept recently created by Elke Wollschon and her partner Carina Lipold. It was an impressive show of delightful fare of incredible taste and designs, offered once at our photo journalistic event namely the lives through many lenses, a 100 pax discourse cum movie night filled with lively dialogue, amongst whom we has invited Kevin low and dr Susanne Mellersh-Lucas to reside. The raw food cooperation with architecture would definitely further add value to our own philosophy which is to remain authentic, original and sustainable in all our endeavor to create great architectural experiences. Thanks to Elke and Carina we succeeded to enhance the experience of our audience and own architects alike. We look forward to a long term collaboration sharing common ideals and aspirations to engage people and give them the awareness to care for their environment as well as to care for their mind and body.

20130724-124348 AM.jpg

20130724-124357 AM.jpg


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