our project x is here. We started to look at this 20 year old development recently to check on the restoration and refurbishment, currently in a state of flux. Intended to be a residence for two to three persons, we are planning to add more outdoor elements, reflecting on some of the original elements that had once been the signature of the scheme, amongst others the plywood doors and the open bath and the large expanse of exposed concrete. This house was foremost a ken Yeang designed abode, linked house, overlooking a large valley, and facing hillside houses beyond. Much if what it is now remains purely what it had been, a simple two and a half storey house with balcony and a back terrace. More later to come, but we expect to introduce many of the elements already present in the new office, amongst which we see the use of natural exposed and veneered plywood even for the bookshelves and library, and again the raw concrete floor. This was already in the scheme as far back as 1994, way before anything else that looked like it.

20130105-010134 AM.jpg

20130105-010433 AM.jpg

20130105-024539 AM.jpg


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