Point92 is an office building, whose facade is designed with two ideas in mind, one of which we place punched out windows and the other a series of random perforated zig zag glazing (comprise 37 percent of the wall area), these are white concrete perforated walls, and the other, a cantilevered slanted rough cast off form insitu corbusien wall with curiously looking canopied or hooded spout windows. On one of the two splayed corners of this building, they point up toward the sky, and on the other side, they point downwards looking at the ground. Over the last six to seven months we have seem slight colour changes to the raw concrete surfaces, which is delightful, we like that. We have to remember, the contractors were nothing short of very diligent and impressive, they managed to do this corbusier looking constructs as almost without any help for methodology from the architects, indeed they seem to “get it” almost instantly after briefly surveying the sketches and schematic drawings. The method and logistics to build these corbusier windows were left largely to the builders, and sometimes we wonder, that when you do leave things for the others to work them out themselves, they turn out better than if you told them precisely what needs to be done. We were therefore pleasantly surprised by the results. Everyone was pleased about how well it all turned out. Apart from the occasional stains here and there, on the whole the completed wall looked very good.

20121119-121208 AM.jpg

20121119-121223 AM.jpg

20121119-121516 AM.jpg

20121210-065700 PM.jpg

20121210-070428 PM.jpg

20121213-045140 PM.jpg

20121215-100424 AM.jpg


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