We have now reached the final stages of completing point92. The lobby looks really good with 1188 marine plywood ceilings, some are randomly picked to offer naturalistic finish, not to even, and not to contrasting in their tonality. We have had some serious battles and objection from the very start of the project, budget issues, grumpy clients, from the very beginning and after many many long agonizing arguments, we succeeded to keep the marine wood finish. It was truly a battle, never to be had ever again. We worked thereafter with several sealant companies, quickly and eventually settled for a clear polyurethane and polymer product to seal the surface. We were all worried, of course, but who wouldn’t if it had never been done before, natural wood, unprotected, and exposed to rain. Built and ordered to bs 1188 marine quality hardwoods, we believe it will never rot, and it does, we can treat it, and everyone wonders why we don’t trust our sealants! Maintenance is a problem of yesterday, we care for our cars and books, time to love our buildings. The facade looks good too in white cement and concrete. But again in time we need to paint or seal the surfaces. The columns and floor are bare concrete, so those should keep in good shape for a very long time.

20121101-013112 AM.jpg

20121208-112943 PM.jpg

20121208-113020 PM.jpg

20121208-113046 PM.jpg


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