Duyong was zlgdesign’s very first internationally acclaimed restaurant prepared for the monsoon cup annual event which takes place in malaysia in November. The aesthetics was based on a series of geometrical and architectonics which reflected on wood as a material, and boat building as a craft, and boat building culture as a lost art form of the east coast of malaysia, concepts that elevated craftsmanship, tradition and expertise of a forgotten malay tradition. Here lies a strong connection between the malayan archipelago art form, the seafront culture, a malay tradition, and their unique architecture. We had borrowed the language, used the materials and referred to the context to give this regatta restaurant it’s main central feature and structural aesthetics. The ribbing effect for the walls, the use of wooden ceilings and curved columns are remarkably similar to the elements of a boat built by fishermen who lived hundred of years in this tradition. The proximity of this restaurant to the monsoon cup site made this a significant venue for the events which is held at the end if each november in kuala Trengganu, malaysia. We took whatever clues we could get from the village where this building wa supposed to be erected. The Duyong restaurant was one of our earliest scheme which took cues and inspiration from the traditional craft of the surrounding context. We have always been very inspired and fascinated by details that you can read from traditional art form and culture. The ribbed detail here echoes the boat structure of the east coast people of malaysia.

20121125-023423 AM.jpg

20121125-023504 AM.jpg


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