This is an early competition entry and model designed for Astro new administrative centre. It will house the new administrative functions and additional office space and covered parking for the site, inclined the corporate office and reception for international clients. The two different expressions to the building denotes the duality that we find in Karen corporations, one to aspire to become the strong corporate entity, and the other to reflect an humanistic touch to the company profile as a modern and young lifestyle agency and experience. Image of Astro new look office, designed to promote Astro’s philosophy of work, of solidarity, symbolic in the way the facade shows two building materials coming together, one transparent, and the other more solid. A concept that drives the plan form as well as the section, two spaces meeting in the centre where the courtyard breaks into a garden, with many natural elements. The dark cement and the planar glazing on the facade locks into each other as a clasping hand, the interlocking floors give each level a view of the the next one either above or from below. A humane and completely intimate internal environment that encourages external awareness and as a sense of connection to light and landscape.


20121213-013541 PM.jpg

20121213-023517 PM.jpg


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