Peter Cooks first lecture in Kuala Lumpur was organized by zlgevents and it went so well we had at least a hundred waiting outside the hall. The presentation was extraordinary, it covered travels, observations, English gardens, vineyards, highways, motorways and cycle paths and kuala lumpur’s china town. Truly a treat for those who missed the AA and the antics of a great speaker, a teacher who has seen at least a hundred thousand drawings.

Peter left the aa about a year after 1984 after i graduated from the aa, to build upon the Bartlett, across the road and it was then I met david duster who was re known for his writing on Chicago. A brief moment at the Bartlett got me teaching with sir Peter and it was about then that I met and came to know gavin robotham.

Peter lecture was partly sponsored by HOK stadia who then became populous, a company based in australia. I believed gavin had worked there too.


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