Revised manifesto


There forces within our organization that help inform our artistic direction, philosophy are the very people we employ. Within these glass jars, as many as there are people in our organization we see individuality, each one a creative energy, a different force. each one a unique voice, a piece of work. These forces are placed inside tiny glass jars, like aquariums, or little gems in their glass shells, denoting preciousness and fragility needing some sort of protection. There upon these natural forces, in their glass containers, are then re arranged, through unnatural means of an exhibit into a geometrically unnatural straight line. The line is symbolic, it is an absolute element an architect must encounter and confront, or chooses to use. The straight line is very curiously something that has no existence or prominence in the natural world. This is our manifesto. The challenges found inside our built work and the built environment are therefore to complement and embrace the natural without ever having obligation to reduce specificities of space whilst we operate within the mechanics of architectural representation. Our line as manifest in the exhibit, resembles and embodies our first cut. A mark, notionally an attempt to convey togetherness and an assemblage of many ideas rolled into one. These are like impressions of free orientation, of weightlessness and of the sheer efficiency and lightness of a line. These impressions are embarked upon and examined by the eye and the mind. If it is being geometrically perfect, or is it being sophisticated without being complex, elegance through being simple and forthright and not bent or curved in thought and alignment. The straight line of bottles has been organized in the best spiritual and physical manner to represent a possible working methodology of a design practice. In all manner of alignment, this is stressed, that the bottles are arranged so that the ends cannot be reoriented or pointed to other directions, the line may be inclined to denote progress, or indeed when at rest, it should promote reflection and contemplation. The implied horizon, the ambient weight of the bottles signifying gravity, all of which are natural phenomena, is represented here in the structure, and the detail of the supporting metal supports convey truthfulness. Our manifesto also begins with a series of forums and interactions with members of the office. A number of issues had to be addressed, from purchasing bottles of the right type to asking the correct questions and applying the approved labels to the bottle. Finally the arrangement of the bottles themselves, and the construction of the posts and frame to support the constructions. All in all we have debated at least five iterations and presented many scenarios ranging from placing the bottles into room compartments to hanging these bottles from the ceiling and to leaving them on the floor. The contents speak of the many peoples behind the unnatural act of individualization of the glass jars. The black and white labels have been inspired from perfume bottles at first glance, and they appear identical safe for details like names of the staff and some of their answers to the questions presented by the office, meticulously printed and graphically reproduced to look like medical prescriptions.


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