Study models of the AAR centre demonstrated a resolved geometry for the roof and the articulation for the ground. We wanted air circulation for the entire length of the building and a truthful relationship between the angled walls and the slopes in the surrounding site features.

Our take on the design for AAR is about all these things and more. We will introduce an intricately-woven scheme, immersed with the landscape, and one that boasts breakout areas for an intimate working environment for the staff. An interactive styled building, both responsive and evolved over user requirements yet specific to the immediate needs of the Client.

Shaped for the future but sustainable in the use of building materials, extraordinary but simple at the same time, elegant yet affordable, all features of what we feel is the modern building with potential to take modifications over time as well as demonstrating a personality borrowed from how it is used and expanded with time. The 3-storey structure is at once about views into the custom designed landscaped courtyards, and also about preserving the open space and minimising the footprint of the building. This approach promises a proportionate relationship between the built form and open space, a feature that immediately suggests that the externality and outdoor designs of this project warrants careful consideration of its parts. Totally conceived to be integrated with the landscape, this is in line and is consistent with the Client’s ideal for a themed or resort office. The interior embrace the exterior ad vice versa, essentially one can work on the terraces as well within the confines of the spaces inside the building. In terms of energy and conservation, we have made provisions for the use of natural ventilation, hence the centre courtyard to stack effect the flow of warm air, and also to encourage the chimney effect to pull in fresh air from the outside. The depth of the building is kept to the minimum levels to reduce glare, which ultimately reduces the need for internal lighting for most parts of the interior. Sustainable materials and energy consumption strategies will ensure a meaningful building design, and a solid investment on the part of the Client. Materials used for this purpose will have met criteria for sustainability, with low life cycle costs.