The Zhongtai Project in Shanghai was a collaborative effort between zlgdesign as executive architects and Kuma Associates as Concept Architect. Interior design details and furnishing was by zlgdesign, including many of the details, such as these guest rooms on the top floor of this 5-storey office. We do realize however after some years that glass and steel can be a real issue. Maintenance, building upkeep, housekeeping, all part of the big picture. In polluted city centers, in panyu road where this building sits, we face a major problem, the glass gets really dirty on the outside, and the rain doesn’t really wash things off. A learning curve indeed. Next, the lifts, the glass bridges and the water curtains, yes, energy l,sys a key role, if you don’t replace the light bulbs, you don’t clean the lifts and the pond isn’t quite working, all that water feature is just going to make things look worse. Migration time, to wood, stone and clay and anything else but glass and stainless steel. They are and can be dead. High tech is no more.