Some of the work we do involve an appreciation of context and ‘genius loci’ of the place. We like the Cameron Highlands Tea Estate, the islands of Maldives, and ancient city of Istanbul, and ofcourse the new Beijing and mind-blowing Shanghai. We have since starting the office been researching work and design in London, Singapore, Paris, Belfast, Saigon, Macau, Cork and Seoul. Our exhibitions have similarly traveled to cities across the globe, we have since been to 5 cities, including Cork and Lille.

Our traveling exhibition ended last year, we are grateful to Ms Rae Maeda for her generosity and utter professionalism and we would welcome everyone to bring their work to Kuala Lumpur, we shall offer every assistance to promote architecture and design from all countries.

We are also very intriqued and very excited about exploring possibilities in Bangalore and Mumbai with our Indian Clients.

The enclosed image is of the Beijing showroom we did for zhongtai holdings of china.


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