we see movies like Jules et Jim, or we go to events, we look at art, we travel, and we read, and we contemplate feverishly or not on life, but never as much we are influenced, inspired and forever motivated by great past lives and amazing people. We are so obsessed with the creativity and aspirations of great persons, some creative, some visionary, all lead exemplary lives, amongst others we like to look at artists, musicians and even very obscure writers (like andre gide) to identify and compare artistic directions and philosophies. Amongst artists, we have Frida Kahlo, Jean Tinguely and Carl Andre, Anish Kapoor and Donald Judd, and ofcourse the most inimitable of all, Jackson Pollock. We also particularly like the writings and visions of Charles Baudelaire, Khalil Gibran, Guillaume Apollinaire, Mark Rothko, Oscar Wilde and Vladimir Mayakovsky, but there are so many others who inspire us to embrace their art and philosophy whether it be for their ingenious writing, a special work of science or simply songs from the heart. We remember on a trip to India, whence on a plan, on his birthday, in celebration of teknion first showroom opening, the words of Lord Ravi Shankar, who uttered, “give all you have to others, for in return, you will receive more than you need.”

20121119-121944 AM.jpg

20121119-122250 AM.jpg

20121119-122257 AM.jpg

Note: the opening image is of Catherine and Jim, from Truffauts great movie Jules et Jim, the above photographs are copyright of the respective owners, these are Man Ray, Vladimir Mayakovsky and Charles Baudelaire, poet extraordinaire who wrote beautiful proses of far away countries and oceanic voyages.


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