We take great pride in developing an ideology within our office. At the onset of each project, we propose concepts through the drafting of many studies and sketches to illustrate first cut material. These are then deliberated and developed during the course of design to a stage where they begin to inform the art direction or the aesthetic framework for the project. Thereafter we may move to CAD models or indeed in many instances we commence with design documentation, keeping the concept intact throughout the entire process to completion of the schematic design phase.

“We would not be interested to compete with the 500-strong design firms out there, nor the 100-strong architectural factories of this world, we see ourselves more as a laboratory, wherein people might choose to work in the realm of initiating interesting and challenging ideology and phenomena, deriving refreshing concept, revelling intuitively in the first third quadrant of the work assigned to us, thereafter developing and researching the development possibilities, so that would be more that matters most to us…” Huat says.


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