Some 24 different breakout areas have been designated for this vast office interior for Digi Telecommunications Headquarters Offices located in Shah Alam. More than 1 200 office workers enjoy informal areas that were designed and conceptualised around zen and forest/nature themes. Ceilings ‘longkangs’ [malay for channels] are kept as dark recesses in our signature RAL 7038 grey, remaining clean throughout the entire project, with bell lights mounted within this zone over general circulation active zones. The original inspiration for this office building and internal space, with informality as a concept would be the Telenor Centre in Oslo. We went to see this amazing facility, which took the office typology and turned it on its head, and then made it to be the new living room for workers, with art thrown around just about every corner, the site is fantastic [used to be the old airport strip], and the food and catering is beyond hotel standard. You can see Douglas Gordon’s work there amongst many generative artist.

We are extremely grateful and happy to have the cooperation of the Client under the direction of Ms Khor Choo Lin.

Project completed in early 2006.



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