One of the key projects we are pursuing is the Challenge Park comprising the climbing centre and the skate park games centre, both located in the new government precinct of Putrajaya, Malaysia’s new administrative capital. Currently both projects are on the ground, piling works are at an advanced stage, and we contemplate completion in late 2008.



One thought on “challenge park [1]

  1. Its sad KL has such amazing facilities as skate parks b-max cycling and climbing centresk but no one seems to know, nobody ever goes there! No promotion, advertising or publicity.

    There is also no effort in addressing public transport to these premisses and there are absolute.yno signboards in how to reach this place.

    Moreover we have no cafeteria, no food or anywhere to buy drinks ! Even so everything was planned and built for it.

    Can’t Putrajaya/KLCC get someone professional to manage this place to become a great teens and family destination, away from the buzz and hectic city life !

    What a great place and a vastly wasted opportunity.

    To all sport lovers in Malaysia” Don’t let this become another white elephant !”

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