The Royal Belfast Hospital Project Competition was commissioned to Huat LIM, under the direction of Dato Dr. Ken Yeang and partner Ken Cooke of Llewelyn Davies Yeang, London. The single most striking feature of this design was the external awareness given to each patient, granted the best views from the beds, looking into an elevated landscaped deck just across from his/her window. A simple but very effective design feature for a hospital, something that has been forgotten or overlooked, for many of the current clinical work.

Nature is the best medicine, after laughter,….and I’d rather a view out my window from my bed, than a view of a standing nurse with a syringe in her hand..

“In the course of our work we realised how critically important to provide patients with a view out their window, however small, be it to see the ever changing sky or enjoy the trees swaying out with the wind, or hear the raindrops tap on the glass. Sounds anciently simple but frankly, a very, very forgotten feature in many supposedly modern hospitals.” –text by Huat Lim.